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Week 40 (October 2, 2023)

Naturforskaren (Naturhistoriska riksmuseet)

Utforska den biologiska mångfalden!
Här samlar och presenterar vi vår och andras kunskap om djur och natur. Vi arbetar på att beskriva de cirka 60 000 arterna som finns i Norden och Baltikum.

Presentationen på denna sajt är dock ganska torr. Många sidor saknar beskrivning. Länkar för all del till Wikipedia och andra sajter.

En mycket mer visuell presentation av "livets träd" är den på OneZoom.

En annan (sidindelad som Naturforskaren men med mer visuella element) är Tree of Life web project.

Grid developments: transporting renewable energy
  • The UK has designated a project to build a 3800 km undersea cable from Morocco as having "national significance". The project is owned by Xlinks. (2023-10-01)
  • The government of Egypt is set on building a subsea cable to Greece to sell solar and wind power to Europe. The GREGY interconnector would be 1400 km long and able to transmit 3000 MW. I wonder if power transmission would be strictly uni-directional or if it is meant to also allow power export to Egypt? (2023-09-30)
Egypt getting closer to adopting a national hydrogen strategy

On the political arena, the Egyptian government has established a "National Council for Green Hydrogen and its Derivatives", chaired by the prime minister and counting among its members: the minister of electricity and renewable energy, the minister of petroleum and mineral resources, the minister of justice, the minister of planning and economic development, the minister of finance, the minister of environment, the minister of housing, the minister of utilities and urban communities, the minister of transportation, the minister of trade and industry, the minister of irrigation, the minister of state for military production, the chairman of the Suez canal authority, the chairman of the general authority for the Suez canal economic zone, the first assistant to the prime minister, the CEO of the general authority for investment and free zones, and the executive director of Egypt's Sovereign Fund.

I must admit I wonder what the point is forming a special council if it includes what appears to be most of the government. No word on permanent members from industry or academia.

On the council's first meeting an executive committee was formed (unclear who its members are) and tasked with speeding up the approval process for green hydrogen projects and to entice companies to invest in such projects, using investment incentives such as 33%–55% less tax, and exempting most equipment and supplies from VAT tax, an exemption from real estate tax on buildings, and waived fees for registering the companies in Egypt.

To date, the government has signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with among others ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia), Benchmark Alliance (?), China Energy company, the national holding company for chemical industries (the Egyptian one, I assume), DAI global company (Germany), OCIOR Energy company (India), Voltalia-TAQA alliance (sounds Italian?), and British Petroleum.
The stated ambition of the government is to produce green hydrogen at 1.7 USD/kg by 2050 and to capture 8% of the global market. The government expects that total foreign investment into green hydrogen projects to reach 81 billion USD by 2035.

The national strategy for green hydrogen is yet to be published, as far as I can tell.

Hydrogen law and regulation in the Middle East (CMS Law)
Solar power plants


  • In Tomteboda, Stockholm's largest PV roof-mounted plant, produces 400 MWh per year (1465 PV panels covering an area of 4000 m²). Co-owned by Areim and Blackstone and operated by Obligo Real Estate. (2021)
  • The largest solar power plant in Sweden is built by a home-owner's co-op (HSB Södermanland) in cooperation with the energy company Energiengagemang. 41600 PV panels with a total power of 14 MW.
  • In Morgongåva (40 km west of Uppsala) the logistics center of online pharmacy Apotea features Sweden's largest roof-mounted PV array with a capacity of 2.3 MW, enough to supply the building's entire annual electricity demand. Built by Solkompaniet. SVT.
  • The ports of Stockholm and the port of Södertälje together have almost 4 GW of solar PV panels, and have plans for more.






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